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Sumaja EcoWellness is a Vizag based Social Enterprise. The name word 'Sumaja' is derived from the Sanskrit words 'Sumathi' (a good mind and kindness) and 'Aja' (the innate transcendental energy). EcoWellness is from the words Ecology and (human) Wellness.

It is a proven fact that sustainable small holder agriculture is the way forward to feed the world. Not only is organic food good for consumers, but agro-ecological farming is economically viable for farmers as it enables them to break the dependency cycle on high cost external inputs. However, in general markets, farmers get only a small fraction of what a consumer pays. At the same time consumers also have to shell out a high price for organic food in regular markets. Sumaja EcoWellness, aims to change this with a bit of social innovation and imbibing a shared value business model.

We work closely with Non Profit/ Social Organizations & individual farmers, and procure our products mostly from farmer cooperatives promoted by NGOs. This way, we ensure that farmers get a higher margin. And also see to it that customers pay a 'fair price' and 'not a premium price' for Organic. We firmly believe that Organic and Safe Food is everybody’s right.

Sumaja EcoWellness - The Organic Shoppe, Vizag’s first exclusive organic Shop was opened at Gopalapatnam in partnership with Sahaja Aharam Producer Company (a Federation of about 20 small farmers cooperatives) in April 2015. In July 2015, our second Organic Shop opened at Seethammadhara and in August 2016 and we opened our third Organic Shop at Pandurangapuram.

Team Sumaja EcoWellness: Naresh, Laxmi, Akhilesh, Jogendra.

Quality Policy: At Sumaja EcoWellness - the Organic Shoppe, our groceries are Certified Organic and conform to approved Organic standards. We try to keep things simple. For eg., we avoid products with multiple certifications (which are done for export purpose to conform to different countries) which in turn increases the cost to the customer. Moreover, we support alternative and integrative systems such as PGS (Participatory Guarantee Systems) and CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).

We are associated with Non Profit Organizations such as

Centre for Sustainable Agriculture (CSA), Hyderabad, Telangana
Institute for Integrated Rural Development (IIRD), Aurangabad, Maharasthra
The Rajasthan Forest Produce Processing Group Support Society (Samarthak Samiti), Udaipur, Rajasthan

Centre for Indian Knowledge Systems (CIKS), Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Timbaktu Organic, Anantapur Dist., Andhra Pradesh

We have simple objectives...

To provide a marketing platform for producers (small farmers, women entrepreneurs, etc.) adopting organic and sustainable production practices
To make available food free from harmful chemicals at fair prices for all
To promote healthy food and lifestyle with a focus on Indian traditional systems
Promote urban green spaces in a chemical free way